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This new environment, called 'virtual office', offers cost-oriented opportunities that will respond to the needs of those who will start a company, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Office solution used to fulfill the legal address disclosure procedure of companies, which are among the obligations under the Turkish Commercial Code.

In the processes of establishing virtual offices, it is sufficient to sign the agreements required to rent virtual offices with the companies that provide this service. The address of the virtual office can be declared as the company address during company establishment processes, and all procedural steps can be taken accordingly. In addition, all mails sent to the virtual office, which is shown as the company address, on behalf of the company or individuals, are accepted. Thus, professionals and freelancers who spend most of their time outside the office can participate in virtual office rental programs and minimize their rent and billing costs.

The virtual office is primarily defined as a cost-oriented solution. In addition, virtual office locations in extremely prestigious locations add a more prestigious image to entrepreneurs and companies benefiting from these services. Likewise, the preferred virtual office packages provide users with opportunities such as office use and meeting room use on certain days. On the other hand, options such as secretary service, telephone forwarding and mail acceptance are preferred by entrepreneurs who benefit from virtual office services for those whose busy schedule is out of the office.

Virtual office solutions stand out with their lower cost compared to conventional office systems. In addition to personnel expenses, virtual offices, which completely eliminate electricity, water and similar expenses, offer many services such as answering your phones out of hours, taking advantage of private fax services or having your company name on the building board in line with the packages you receive. You can also contact KTG CONSULTANCY for VIRTUAL OFFICE services where you can be notified instantly about the packages received by e-mail, where your letters will be kept carefully and you can have a prestigious office address.