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The legal books and documents and the financial statements are audited within the framework of the current tax legislation and uniform chart of accounts.

Within these services; Determining the compliance of the corporate tax base with the legislation and the approval of the corporate tax return by the Certified Public Accountants, correcting the accounting and tax errors detected during the audit and eliminating the major penal obligations that may arise from not correcting these errors in due time, checking the compliance of the temporary tax returns with the legislation, preparing the relevant reports, procedures takes.

In the globalizing world, it provides its customers with the highest level of support in order to efficiently evaluate the resources they have, with experts who are familiar with the tax legislation that is becoming more complex and closely following the latest changes. We aim to provide services for the effective and efficient fulfillment of the tax function, taking into account not only legislative compliance, but also the strategic priorities of the business.


Tax and Accounting Consultancy

Support Services in Tax Disputes

Personal Tax Consultancy

Investment and Tax Planning

International Tax Consultancy

Foreign Trade, Customs and Indirect Tax Consultancy

Merger, Purchase, Division, Liquidation and Type Change Consultancy

Financial Legal Services

Tax Disputes and Consultancy Regarding Tax Cases

Representation of Taxpayers in Conciliation Commissions