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Today, most transactions are made through bank accounts. Therefore, almost everyone needs to open a bank account. It is quite simple to open a bank account from any bank, which can be used to carry out these transactions or to make savings.

In order to open a bank account, it is sufficient to go to the branch of the relevant bank with only ID. In fact, some banks that focus on online transactions can open an account by sending a courier or their own employees without the need to visit the branch. In addition, if there is an account in the relevant bank and online banking is also active, the second account can only be opened through online banking.

Documents Required to Open a Bank Account

  1. Identity
  2. Address information
  3. Contact number

The above information is first requested by the bank. Later;

  1. Customer Information Form
  2. Banking Services Agreement
  3. Basic Banking Product Form

The person is asked to fill in the information and sign the necessary places. After the required documents are filled and signed, the account is opened by the bank.

You can contact KTG CONSULTANCY to open a new bank account.