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  • Establishment and implementation of the accounting system
  • VAT, SGK, Withholding, Stamp Tax, Corporate Provisional Declarations - Annual Corporate Tax Declaration, etc. issuing and declaring

  • Within the scope of our accounting services, we support enterprises and enterprises belonging to real and legal persons to fulfill their obligation to keep book records in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles and the provisions of the relevant legislation.

    Our expert team will ensure that the declarations listed below are prepared in full, correct and timely manner in accordance with the legal requirements and submitted to the Financial Administration.

    • Monthly or Quarterly Concise Statements,
    • VAT Declarations that must be declared as Responsible for Monthly VAT No.1 and No.2,
    • Monthly BA and BS Forms,
    • Monthly Stamp Tax Return,
    • Quarterly Provisional Income or Corporate Tax Declarations,
    • Annual Corporate Tax and Income Tax Declarations.
    • Control of Tax Returns and Tax Accounts Prepared by In-house Teams.

  • Consultancy on Uniform Chart of Accounts and its implementation
  • Keeping the legal books within the framework of the relevant laws and closing the year-end
  • Payroll services
  • Managing the processes of starting e-ledger and e-invoice applications
  • E-ledger and e-invoice applications
  • Conversion of local accounting systems to international accounting methods
  • Preparation of monthly financial reports
  • Consultancy and solution suggestions regarding tax questions
  • Regularly informing about the current legal legislation
  • Capital increase, decrease, address change, appointment of manager, general assembly, etc. All notifications to the Chamber of Commerce, Tax Office, Social Security Institutions, Municipalities.


  • Establishment of cost accounting
  • Preparing reports for company management on costs and profitability