June 7, 2021



Technopark entering on the agenda in 1990 in Turkey, published in 2001, 4691 Technology

Technology Development, which was shaped by the Development Zones Law and entered into force in 2002 Various supports were provided to companies with the Implementation Regulation of Regions. R&D in Technoparks The support and incentives provided to the companies that continue to work have made the regions attractive,

and the cooperation opportunities brought by the ecosystem have led to improvement.


Technopark Definition

Technoparks, universities / research institutions and industrial organizations, research in the same environment,

they continue their development and innovation activities; transfer of information and technology between each other what they realize; Organized research and development in which academic, economic and social structure are integrated, innovation and technology ecosystems.

Technopark, which is the abbreviation of science park or technology park; government, academic units,

The building, which is used as a planned workplace for businesses and the financial sector to develop together, research facilities, taking advantage of technological resources commonly used by large universities

directing R&D studies, among universities, research laboratories and industry

used in counseling services and modern office services by performing technology transfer units.

Post COVID-19 Outbreak

Covid-19 epidemic, along with various health measures, also affected our life and working order, With the remote working system, it has enabled us to adapt many innovative methods to our lives. All

While discussing whether sectors and employees can adapt to the method of working remotely,

The physical facilities of companies operating in technoparks, enterprises with R&D and Design Centers

the obligation to work in the region has been abolished, and the right to benefit from exemptions and incentives in this period. provided.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic risk, the activities carried out within the boundaries of Technology Development Zones Remote work from outside the region, the personnel employed by the enterprises within this scope

It has been permitted to inform our Ministry, so that it is possible to take a place in Technology Development Zones.

of the enterprises, which are determined from the discounts, exceptions, supports and incentives within the scope of Law No.4691, the opportunity to continue to benefit within the framework (as 40%) until 31 December 2020.

was recognized.

The period of remote working, which will expire on December 31, is determined by Law No.4691 in the relevant enterprises. the number of notified personnel employed within the scope of the not to exceed 40 percent of the total working time until 30 November 2020, 01 December-

It was decided to extend it between 31 December 2020, provided that it does not exceed 60%.

The remote working status of companies operating in Technoparks for 2021 is a matter of curiosity.